9m14s Over Vietnam


A single photograph is the source for all the sound heard in the piece. It is the Pulitzer prize winning photo by Nick Ut of a girl running from a napalm attack in Vietnam, 1972. The image was scanned and treated using two techniques: time domain and frequency domain. The time domain treatment used the image data directly as sound. In the frequency domain treatment, the image was used as a sonogram, harmonic spectrum representation. This produced a series of elements that became the compositional blocks. The compositional manipulations in time and space are a reflection on the power of representation and misrepresentation in mass media.

The timeline "score"

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Score (PDF, 381KB)




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This piece has been released on the CD, End ID by Digital Narcis, Osaka Japan.

It is discussed on the site by critic Isabelle Dupuy, http://artstalker.free.fr in the Memory section.

Created using MetaSynth by Eric Wenger, and SoundHack by Tom Erbe.

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