Saline Royale, Arc et Senans, 9-11 july 2008

ArchitecTones seeks to initiate discussion as to the inter-connections between sound, art and architecture. Sound installations are gaining increasing acceptance in museums and galleries, as multidisciplinarity becomes common-place and artists turn to new materials. They are likewise of interest to composers who seek to incorporate visual elements in their work or develop its spatial aspects, and can be a source of inspiration for architects who integrate time-based practices in their work.

Participants include:

Mark Bain (NL) | Lina Dzuverovic (UK) |
Yvan Etienne (FR) | Philippe Franck (BE) |
Jérôme Joy (FR) | Rahma Khazam (FR) |
Bernhard Leitner (AT) | Cláudia Martinho (FR) | Julien Ottavi (FR) | Paul Panhuysen (NL) | Projectiles (FR) | Carsten Seiffarth (DE) |
Atau Tanaka (UK) | Heinz Tesar (AT) |
Salomé Voegelin (UK)

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