for chamber orchestra, Theremin, and infrared sensors

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DSCP is a piece for chamber orchestra and two electronic instruments that capture performer gesture. The Theremin is a historical instrument using electrostatic field perturbation. D-Beam infrared sensors generate MIDI output from hand distance. Each instrument has a unique way to capture the performance gestures of an instrumentalist.

The gestural instruments bring the electronics to a performative mode of articulation close to the acoustic instruments. The choice of sound materials are entirely extensions of acoustical sounds. The fundamental materials are extremely simple – most concentrating on one frequency D (294 Hz). The musical investigation comes by zooming into and expanding each simple sound into a rich timbral universe.

Commissioned by Musiques Nouvelles, Mons Belgium, and Artzoyd.

Premiered in 2003 in Mons, conducted by Jean-Paul Dessy, with Yukari Bertocchi, infrared sensors, and Laurent Dailleau, Theremin.

Performed in 2004 in Dusseldorf

CD release on Sub Rosa SR192, "Experiences de Vol"

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Download audio (MP3), score and performance notes (PDF)

MP3 - 17.1 Mb
Musiques Nouvelles, ArtZoyd
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DSCP full score
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